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Our beef is sourced from local farms and markets. The carcase is returned to our shop where we can ensure that it is allowed to hang (to mature and improve tenderness and flavour). Once matured the beef carcase is butchered and prepared for sale in our shop into the more familiar cuts that you the customer are accustomed to. At this stage we can obtain ingredients for products such as our own beef burgers, beef sausages, cottage pies, and of course our famous steak pies. (We do not use any other beef for our steak pies other than our own local beef).

These are a selection of the cuts of beef freshly prepare on the premises.

  • Topside
  • Silverside
  • Rump
  • Sirloin
  • Aitch Bone
  • Tail-end
  • Point-end
  • Ox-tails
  • Shin beef
  • Skirts
  • T-bones
  • Wing-rib
  • Neck of beef
  • Flat ribs
  • Salmon cut

Our friendly butcher staff can freshly prepare any cut of meat you require.